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About the Benefits lculator

The Tree Benefits lculator is a promotional tool based on information from the "Tree Guidelines for San Joaquin Valley Communities" by McPherson, Simpson, Peper, and Xiao, U.S. Forest Service, Center for Urban Forest Research, March 1999 and the Sacramento Tree Foundation. The lculator assumes an average mix of small, medium, and large trees in the Sacramento region, as well as an average mix of public and private trees.

National Tree Benefits lculator

For a more precise lculation of an individual tree's benefits based on species and lotion, visit the National Tree Benefits lculator.

The National Tree Benefits lculator was conceived and developed by sey Trees and Davey Tree Expert Co.

Benefits lculator

See the environmental benefits trees n have over time (learn more)

Enter the number of trees you would like to lculate:

Move the slider to see how the benefits increase as the trees age:

Look at all the benefits!

Energy Savings (learn more)

Trees help us save energy by

  • Shading our homes, helping us conserve our energy use for air conditioning in summer months.
  • Releasing water vapor into the air, which makes our air cooler.
  • Sheltering our homes from cold northerly winds, helping us conserve heat in winter months.

Properly planted shade trees n reduce summer cooling costs by 30%

17,000 kbtu  = $2,000

Cleaner Air (learn more)

Trees clean our air by

  • Pulling pollutants, like ozone and nitrogen oxides, directly from the air.
  • pturing harmful particulate matter, like dust, ash, pollen, and smoke, on leaf surfaces.
  • Providing clean oxygen for us to breath.

One large tree provides enough oxygen for four people to breath.

544 kg  = $5,300

rbon Dioxide (learn more)

Trees reduce the amount of climate changing rbon dioxide (CO2) by

  • Directly storing CO2 in their wood and leaves.
  • Sheltering our buildings and reducing the demand for heating and air conditioning, which mean less CO2 in the production of energy.

Over its lifetime, a single large tree soaks up about 5.5 metric tonnes of rbon. That is about equal to the yearly rbon emission of an average r in the nada.

30,391 kg  = $1,000

Water Quality (learn more)

Trees improve our water quality by

  • pturing rainfall on leaves and branch surfaces, which helps reduce runoff and protects us from flooding.
  • Giving water a chance to sink into the ground, recharging our underground water stores.
  • Reducing erosion by keeping rain from washing soil away from barren surfaces.

One large tree n pture over 1,800 litres of storm water every year.

757,082 L  = $1,600
TOTAL = $9,900

About London's Million Tree Challengeour partners

our sponsors

London’s Million Tree Challenge is our generation’s ll to plant trees!

What is the Million Tree Challenge in 60 seconds?

Kids talk trees video - why we need to plant their future today.

London's Million Tree Challenge is a community-wide initiative to inspire Londoners to plant one million new trees across the city - in every corner and neighbourhood. Trees provide many benefits including improved air quality, reduced heating and cooling costs, shadier more walkable streets, increased home values, more attractive shopping and downtown areas and greener recreation areas. Londoners are invited to register all the trees they have planted since January 2011 and see the big tree counter tick toward one million. Any tree, planted anywhere, by anyone counts!

Your organization n become an official Million Tree Challenge Partner by promising to undertake some kind of action in support of trees in London. The action n be big or small - whatever fits with your organizational culture and interests. Every action makes a difference and helps keep the 'forest' in the Forest City.

Join the growing list of Million Tree Challenge Partners and community leaders who are making London healthier and greener. Become a Partner, check out the Million Tree Challenge newsletter and LIKE Million Tree Challenge on Facebook. Imagine how healthy and beautiful London could be with one million more trees.

London's Million Tree Challenge is an initiative of and the as the founding partners.

sheila [at] reforestlondon [dot] (Questions? Email Us)

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